The development of each project has been carried out in great detail, and we have included everything necessary for the construction of a ready-made house in the basic package.
Solid wood panel construction

Solid wood panels for exterior walls (100 mm and 120 mm), insulated with PIR by means of special technology, thus reducing cold bridges. The selected materials have the best thermal insulation properties in this group of building materials. They are durable, easy and quick to install, and meet fire safety requirements.


The facade finishing uses the highest quality Thermory thermowood cladding boards, guaranteeing excellent long-term service of the material. It is a natural, cosy material with a beautiful texture and strong aesthetic impact.

Roofing and gutters

Installation of vapour and thermal insulation. Installation of Ruukki roll profile, which is the most long-lasting and waterproof metal roof. Installation of storm water drains and gutters, construction of eaves, snow barriers and drop aprons.


Cable installation with protective insulation in the walls and cover, fasteners. A set of circuit breakers with leakage current protection. High-quality switches and sockets, built-in lighting fixtures installed.

Construction of utilities and warm floor circuits

Installation of utility channels (water, sewage, electricity). Installation, positioning and air pressing of warm floors and water supply pipes.

Floor, flooring

Laying of the selected flooring over the entire area, selecting proven, high-quality technical solutions, performing the appropriate application of the underlay and preparing the base.

Potable water supply and sewerage

Internal water pipe system, pipe condensation prevention insulation and thermal insulation. PVC sewer pipes and fittings for connecting plumbing in the building.

Windows, exterior doors and interior doors

High-quality timber or timber-aluminium windows with a three-pane chamber (thickness: 51 mm) with Swisspacer thermal frame. By applying triple glazing, better selective coatings, including better profiles, and optimising other thermal technical elements of windows, we have come up with windows providing UW lower than 0.8W/m2 K. An additional opening limiter is built into the windows to fix the opening and for security. The sliding systems connected to the terrace are of high quality and the daily use of these systems will be especially easy and convenient. Painted pine interior doors with hidden hinges.

Interior finishing of the house

Construction of soundproof partitions and the desired finishing. Construction of hydrophobic protection of wet indoor premises with a ceramic tile finish.

Heating system

A Daikin air-water heat pump with an integrated hot water tank is used for heating. The heating system provides the function of heating, cooling and hot water heating. Daikin is an investment in comfort and energy saving. It is extremely powerful and environmentally friendly. When using this heat pump, you can heat or cool rooms as well as quickly prepare hot water for the household with minimal energy consumption. Warm floor, or radiant underfloor heating and cooling, is a system embedded in the floor that distributes heat evenly and provides a pleasant temperature at any time.

Air recovery

Installed recovery equipment corresponding to the project, which optimally combines innovative technologies and modern design. The recuperator is a device, the principal function of which is to provide for air exchange in the premises by means of heat recovery. Ventilation with recuperation is also called ventilation with heat recovery for its repeated use, thus allowing recovery of up to 90% of the outgoing heat energy. Ventilation with recuperation – energy efficient and reduces heating costs. Moisture prevention. Fresh, clean air obtained by using as little energy as possible.

Technologies. Environment. Balanced living space.

A wood panel house embodies all the basic values of a healthy, warm, comfortable and balanced interior.

We offer kitchen furniture, household appliances and plumbing packages designed for each project from quality brands such as Bauformat, AEG, Electrolux, Hansgrohe, Duravit, Laufen and Grohe.

We offer interior and lighting solutions developed by an interior designer, which will make the home environment especially suited for you and your daily habits, adjusting it to the desired price category.

We offer landscaping services, exterior lighting concept development, installation of a car charging station on the property, waste container storage for garden improvement. We offer the creation of a terrace from thermal wood or clinker, the construction of a fence, the laying of pavement and the construction of a carport.

Achieve design and technology freedom

In cooperation with experienced architects, scientists and engineers, our solutions provide thoughtful planning and an ergonomic environment.

The modern constructive solutions of solid wood panels ensure an excellent internal climate of the house - a clean and pleasant living space.

A healthy, harmonious and environmentally friendly living space