Sustainable, premium quality solutions

Environmentally friendly materials and solutions are used in building structures, finishing materials and the arrangement to reduce the potential impact of the building on the environment and human health in the long run. By combining such a choice with high-quality natural materials, we have managed to achieve the desired result to enable us to offer a well-considered environment to everyone.

Building Structure

Solid wood panels for exterior walls (100 mm and 120 mm), insulated with wood fibre by means of special technology, thus reducing cold bridges. The selected materials have the best thermal insulation properties in this group of building materials. They are durable, easy and quick to install, and meet fire safety requirements.

Energy Efficiency

House maintenance costs will be low thanks to the solid wood construction and advised technological solutions. The house is equipped with the latest generation heating and air exchange systems. Thanks to sustainable, energy-efficient and passive solutions, the operational costs of the house are reduced.


The entire house has underfloor heating, which is heated by an air/water heat pump. The pump is equipped with a floor cooling function. To ensure a pleasant climate, the house is equipped with a ventilation system, and it is additionally equipped with a regenerator, which will save energy resources, especially in winter. Quality aluminium three-chamber windows and picture windows. Aluminium entrance door with picture window.

Interior finishing of the house

Exposed CLT. Construction of hydrophobic protection of wet indoor premises with a ceramic tile finish.


The facade finishing uses the highest quality Thermory thermowood cladding boards, guaranteeing excellent long-term service of the material. It is a natural, cosy material with a beautiful texture and strong aesthetic impact.

Roofing and gutters

Installation of vapour and thermal insulation. Installation of Ruukki roll profile, which is the most long-lasting and waterproof metal roof. Installation of stormwater drains and gutters, construction of eaves and drop aprons.


Cable installation with protective insulation in the walls and cover, fasteners. A set of circuit breakers with leakage current protection. High-quality switches and sockets, lighting fixtures installed.

Windows, exterior doors and interior doors

Timber and timber-aluminium options.