BONO HOUSE houses have been created with a focus on the most excellent dwelling that a person can have

The mission of the Bono House team is to develop a new philosophy for building design and construction. We want it to embody all the highest qualities of these two processes. We create advised solutions and quality that will last for several generations.

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Well-considered solutions that will last for several generations

A BONO house is a warm, inviting and healthy place to live. Timber finishing is easy to maintain on a daily basis, and its naturalness offers physiological and psychological advantages: clean air and a pleasant smell.

We pay special attention to all the materials to be ecological and not emit toxic fumes. A wooden house embodies all the basic values of a healthy, warm, comfortable and balanced interior.

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Solid Wood Houses

For centuries, timber has outperformed concrete and steel in construction, both in terms of the carbon footprint and air and water pollution.

Its low carbon emissions and other sustainability benefits, including certified wood, recycled/reused materials, local material sourcing, waste reduction and indoor air quality, make timber one of the best tools in our portfolio to achieve zero carbon emissions for the buildings we build.

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What is CLT?

We have chosen CLT as the principal building material. A solid wood panel is formed by cross-glued wood, made of layers of boards arranged in different directions and glued.

This manufacturing process produces a lightweight but extremely strong building material – so strong that it can replace concrete or steel. State-of-the-art solid wood panel constructive solutions ensure an excellent internal climate in the house – a clean and pleasant living space.

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High Quality Solid Wood Houses

CLT Technology

CLT is an extremely versatile and certified building material, which is produced by cross-gluing several solid wood panels, resulting in high structural strength and stability. We use this building material in wall, cover, and roof constructions, leaving it exposed as an interior finishing material.


Professionals in each field carefully select each material and process in order to achieve high quality standards. The solutions created in cooperation with experienced architects, scientists and engineers provide a well-considered layout and an ergonomic environment, making everyday life easier.

Energy Efficiency

The development of the concept of thermal insulation materials, coupled with the choice of heating and regeneration system, achieves the highest efficiency indicators. Wide windows of the buildings are extremely energy efficient despite their large size, which is truly breath-taking.


Environmentally friendly materials and solutions are used in building structures, finishing materials and the arrangement to reduce the potential impact of the building on the environment and human health in the long run. By combining such a choice with high-quality natural materials, we have managed to achieve the desired result to enable us to offer a well-considered environment to everyone.


We offer a complete house construction process, from the concept to designing and construction. CLT, as a principal construction material, provides an opportunity to assemble the house quickly and accurately, as all parts are industrially manufactured with high precision, which reduces the amount of work on the construction site, with the house being assembled instead of constructed.


We create high-quality design projects where we combine the competencies of experienced professionals with sustainable technologies. We want each house to retain its relevance and value for decades.

"We perceive the construction of a house as the development of a sustainable and high-quality product, and, in this process, we choose every material and process used in the construction of the house very responsibly so that it meets the BONO HOUSE criteria for the construction of a sustainable, high-quality and natural house meeting the highest quality standards.

We use exactly the same criteria when choosing cooperation partners – reliability, transparency, as well as the ability to adapt and cooperate."

Annija Žentiņa,
Head of Development

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